ECTI-CON 2010 19-22 May 2010, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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ECTI-CON 2010 is the seventh annual international conference organized by Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI) Association, Thailand. The conference aims to be an international forum for presentation of technological advances and research results in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, computer, telecommunications, and information technology. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of ECTI-CON 2010 and will be available via IEEE Xplore (IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1006E-ART). Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality.


Venue: The Empress Hotel & Convention Centre
Download a PDF version of the schedule here.

Presenting authors' Instructions:
1. Please prepare a 15-minute presentation for each paper.
2. After the presentation, there will be a 5-minute question-answer period.
3. All presentors and session chairs must be presented at the scheduled conference rooms 5 minutes before the session.
4. A Microsoft Windows-based PC or laptop will be provided in each conference room. Our staff will gladly assist you on uploading your presentation files as soon as at your arrival.
5. Presentors are welcomed to bring their own laptops. Yet, our projector would only support 15-pin VGA connectors. Please bring additional connectors if your laptops do not support this.

Wednesday May 19, 2010
16:00 - 18:00Registration
Imperial Ball Room
18:00 - 21:00Welcome Party
Imperial Ball Room

Thursday May 20, 2010
08:00 - 16:00Registration
Lobby of the Convention Centre
08:30 - 09:00Opening Ceremony
Grand Hall
09:00 - 09:40Keynote Speech I
Topic: “Optical Trapping & Manipulation for Biomedical Applications”
by Prof. Arthur E. T. Chiou, Ph.D.
Grand Hall
09:40 - 10:20Keynote Speech II
Topic: “Wearable and Implantable Bionics: from Managing Chronic Disease to Therapies for Blindness”
by Prof. Nigel Lovell, Ph.D.
Grand Hall
10:20 - 10:30Coffee Break
10:30 - 12:10Parallel Session
Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
Analog Circuits I
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies I
Energy Conversion I
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation I
Knowledge and Data Engineering
Adaptive Signal Processing & Filter Design
Fault Detections and Industrial Applications
Phumin Kirawanich
Chiranut Sa-ngiamsak
Nattapong Swangmuang
Werachet Khan-ngern
Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
Juggapong Natwichai
Pornchai Phukpattaranont
Kasemsak Uthaichana
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
Chiang Mai Room 4
Chiang Mai Room 5
Board Room 2
Board Room 3
Board Room 4
10:30 - 10:50
TAM1-1-1 (1005)
The Stochastic Based Model of Monolithic Active Inductor
R. Banchuin and R. Chaisricharoen
TAM1-2-1 (1450)
Current-mode Multiphase Sinusoidal Oscillator based on Log-domain Filtering
Pipat Prommee and Montri Somdunyakanok
TAM1-3-1 (1025)
QoS-aware Routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks Based on Multiple Metrics: Connectivity Index (CI) and Delay
Kunagorn Kunavut and Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn
TAM1-4-1 (1082)
Effect of Spectral Irradiance Distribution on the Outdoor Performance of Photovoltaic Modules
Nitinan Pooltananan, Patamaporn Sripadungtham, Amornrat Limmanee and Ekkachart Hattha
TAM1-5-1 (1051)
Calculating Effective Frequency Spectrum of Measuring Equipments for Non-Periodic Standard Voltage Impulses with high Accuracy
Chuong Ho Van Nhat
TAM1-6-1 (1247)
IDGBDD:The novel use of ID3 to improve Genetic algorithm in BDD reordering
Misagh Takapoo and M.B Ghaznavi-Ghoushchi
TAM1-7-1 (1145)
Statistical Performance of the Direct Frequency Estimation Algorithm for the Adaptive FIR Notch Filter
V. Silaphan, R. Punchalard, W. Loetwassana, J. Koseeyaporn, P. Wardkein
TAM1-8-1 (1318)
Development of engine control technique for flex-fuel motorcycle
A. Keawtubtimthong, D. Koolpiruck, S. Wongsa, Y. Laoonual and A. Kaewpunya
10:50 - 11:10
TAM1-1-2 (1208)
Numerical Schemes of Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field Systems for Cell Apoptosis Applications
P. Kirawanich, N. Pausawasdi, C. Srisawat, D. Wilairat and C. Neatpisarnvanit
TAM1-2-2 (1141)
Electronically Tunable Quadrature Oscillator with Voltage and Current Outputs
Boonying Knobnob and Montree Kumngern
TAM1-3-2 (1120)
Connectivity Analytical Modelling for a Single Flight Path Ad hoc Aeronautical Network
Nguyen Thi Xuan My, Yoshikazu Miyanaga and Chaiyachet Saivichit
TAM1-4-2 (1442)
Outdoor performance of polycrystalline and amorphous silicon solar cells based on the influence of irradiance and module temperature in Thailand
Kitiphop Thongpao, Patamaporn Sripadungtham, Pisut Raphisak, Kobsak Sriprapha and Ekkachart Hattha
TAM1-5-2 (1052)
Analyzing a Noise Suppression Circuit for Impulse Dividers Using Haar Wavelets
Chuong Ho Van Nhat
TAM1-6-2 (1274)
Towards Context-Adaptive Affective Computing
Abdul Rehman Abbasi, Akhtar Hussain and Nitin V. Afzulpurkar
TAM1-7-2 (1272)
An NLMS Algorithm with Variable Step-Size Updates through Selective Inputs
In-sun Song, Moonsoo Chang and PooGyeon Park
TAM1-8-2 (1436)
Model-based Fatigue Identification of NiTiCu Shape Memory Alloys under Thermomechanical Cyclic Loading
P. Lekhakul, S. Wongsa, D. Koolpiluck and A. Khantachawana
11:10 - 11:30
TAM1-1-3 (1361)
Understanding and Optimizing Weight Factors in Multi-Objective Geometric Programming
Theerachet Soorapanth
TAM1-2-3 (1301)
An Active-only High Output-impedance Current- mode Universal Biquad Filter and Quadrature Oscillator Based on Lossless Differentiators
Adirek Jantakun, Nitiphat Pisutthipong and Montree Siripruchyanun
TAM1-3-3 (1324)
An Adaptive Generalized RAKE CDMA Receiver for Layered Space Time Coded Systems in Multipath Fading Channels
T. Keovkolyan, D. Nugrahani, P. Thumwarin, C. Teekapakvisit and T. Matsuura
TAM1-4-3 (1278)
Novel Battery Charging and Discharging Control System for Solar Panel using One-by-One Controllers and Maximum Power Point Tracker
Suchart Janjornmanit, Sakorn Panta
(Moved to TPM-3-5-6) TAM1-6-3 (1410)
An Approximation Algorithm for Privacy Preservation of Associative Classification
Juggapong Natwichai
TAM1-7-3 (1424)
A High-Throughput and Small ADALINE based Adaptive Noise Canceller for 50-Hz Noise in Surface Electromyography on an FPGA
Sainan-Abeedin Chewae, Nattha Jindapetch, and Pornchai Phukpattaranont
TAM1-8-3 (1175)
Ultrasonic Inspection System for Detecting Small Flaws at Far Surface of Steel Plate
T. Vilasmongkolchai, M. Noipitak, P. Kaewtrakulpong and A. Prateepasen
11:30 - 11:50
TAM1-1-4 (1070)
Compound Structures of Five New Chaotic Attractors Based on Sin-1(x) in a Modified Sprott’s Jerk Model
Banlue Srisuchinwong, Teerachot Siriburanon and Teera Nontapradit
TAM1-2-4 (1265)
Single Element Based-Novel Temperature insensitive/Electronically Controllable Floating Capacitance Multiplier and Its Application
Adirek Jantakun, Nitiphat Pisutthipong and Montree Siripruchyanun
TAM1-3-4 (1392)
AODV with Sufficient Intermediary Bandwidth Aware
Pattana Wannawilai and Chanboon Sathitwiriyawong
TAM1-4-4 (1495)
Model-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking
N. Jantharamin and L. Zhang
TAM1-5-4 (1177)
Analysis of Insulating Oil to Evaluate the Condition of Power Transformer
Rattanakorn Phadungthin, Ekkachai Chaidee, Juthathip Haema and Thanapong Suwanasri
TAM1-6-4 (1039)
Internet Worms Identification through Serial Episodes Mining
Ming-Yang Su
TAM1-7-4 (1479)
First Order Complex Adaptive FIR Notch Filter
R. Punchalard, V. Silaphan, J. Koseeyaporn, and P. Wardkein
TAM1-8-4 (1357)
Parameter Identification of a Linear Permanent Magnet Motor Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Tithiwat Therdbankerd, Peerayot Sanposh, Nattapon Chayopitak and Hideaki Fujita
11:50 - 12:10
TAM1-1-5 (1071)
A Box-splitting Strategy of Interval Newton Method for Finding All DC Solutions of BJT Circuits
Sermsak Uatrongjit
TAM1-2-5 (1189)
Capacitance Multipliers Using Tunable Four Terminal Floating Nullors
Winai Jaikla, Abhirup Lahiri and Montree Siripruchyanun
TAM1-3-5 (1506)
OHO: OverHearing On-Demand Route Repair Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jirawat Sirilar and Kultida Rojviboonchai
TAM1-4-5 (1418)
Effect of Hydrogen Purging Period on System performance of PEMFC
T. Pokphet, W. Khan-ngern and J. Charoensuk
TAM1-5-5 (1497)
Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) for Diagnosis of Power Transformers
Suwarno and Donald Fransisco

TAM1-7-5 (1026)
1-Bit Digital Filter Design Using a 2-Degree-of-Freedom Control
Y. Hayashi, K. Higuchi, K. Nakano, T. Kajikawa and Kosin Chamnongthai
TAM1-8-5 (1246)
Friction Feedforward Compensation and Position Feedforward in CNC Machines
Wijin Suteeratanapirom, Rapeepong Rattanawaorahirankul, Chutima Laosapan, Peerayot Sanposh, Nattapon Chayopitak, Kanokvate Tungpimolrut and Hiroaki Kunieda
12:10 - 13:00Lunch Break
13:00 - 14:40Parallel Sessions
Digital and Mixed Signal Circuits I
Analog Circuits II
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies II
Energy Conversion II
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation II
Parallel/Distributed Computing and Grid Computing
Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging I
Model Predictive and Learning Control System
Sermsak Uatrongjit
Chiranut Sa-ngiamsak
Yuthapong Somchit
Niphat Jantharamin
Peerapol Jirapong
Pruet Boonma
Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul
Manop Aorpimai
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
Chiang Mai Room 4
Chiang Mai Room 5
Board Room 2
Board Room 3
Board Room 4
13:00 - 13:20
TPM1-1-1 (1019)
Reconfiguring the Carry Look-Ahead Adder Using Application Behavior in EmbeddedProcessors
Mohammad Hossein Hajkazemi, Alireza Haghdoost and Amirali Baniasdi
TPM1-2-1 (1153)
A Fully-Differential Noise-Canceling CMOS Front-End Amplifier
Puttachai Chimpleekul and Varakorn Kasemsuwan
TPM1-3-1 (1092)
A Novel Relaying Protocol in a Cooperative Network with Decode-and-Forward Relays
Sara Efazati and Paeiz Azmi
TPM1-4-1 (1108)
Design and Analysis of Zero Cogging Brushless DC Motor for Spacecraft Applications
Praveen R.P., Ravichandran M.H., V. T. Sadasivan Achari, Dr.Jagathy Raj V. P., Dr.G.Madhu and Dr.G.R. Bindu
TPM1-5-1 (1112)
Application of a Time-domain Partial Element Equivalent Method to Lightning Surge Analysis
P. Yutthagowith, A. Ametani, N. Nagaoka and Y. Baba
TPM1-6-1 (1099)
Multi-level Topology-Aware and Multi-level Parallelism on Grid Computing Environments: A Comparison of Global Arrays and OpenMP Implementations
Sirod Sirisup and Suriya U-ruekolan
TPM1-7-1 (1038)
EMG Signal Estimation Based on Adaptive Wavelet Shrinkage for Multifunction Myoelectric Control
A. Phinyomark, C. Limsakul and P. Phukpattaranont
TPM1-8-1 (1146)
Robust Iterative Learning Control for Linear Systems Subject to Time-Invariant Parametric Uncertainties and Repetitive Disturbances
Dinh Hoa Nguyen and David Banjerdpongchai
13:20 - 13:40
TPM1-1-2 (1248)
An Interleaving Switch-based Crossbar Architecture for MP SoC on FPGA
S. Pongyupinpanich, S. Singhaniyom and Manfred Glesner
TPM1-2-2 (1202)
Simple and Accurate Frequency to Voltage Converter
A. Lorsawatsiri, W. Kiranon, V. Silaruam, W. Sangpisit, and P. Wardkein
TPM1-3-2 (1178)
Modified AODV for Multi-Constrained QoS Routing and Performance Optimization in MANET
Amina Akhter and Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn
TPM1-4-2 (1388)
Control Performance of Active Damp LCL Filter of Three Phase PWM Boost Rectifier
Surasak Nuilers and Bunlung Neammanee
TPM1-5-2 (1339)
Lightning Performance of Covered Conductors Overhead Distribution Lines
T. Thanasaksiri
TPM1-6-2 (1232)
Magnetic Sounding from Multilayered Earth Equations Solver Using Job Distributor Based on Message Passing Interface
B. Dolwithayakul, C. Pongpensri and S. Yooyeunyong
TPM1-7-2 (1294)
EMG Signal Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Transform
K. Mahaphonchaikul, D. Sueaseenak, C. Pintavirooj, M. Sangworasil and S. Tungjitkusolmun
TPM1-8-2 (1021)
Robust Constrained Model Predictive Control for Piece-Wise Affine Systems Using Saturated Linear Feedback Controller
Santo Wijaya and Manop Wongsaisuwan
13:40 - 14:00
TPM1-1-3 (1455)
A Multi-Gigabit DLL-based CMOS PWM Demodulator Using Delay Vernier Sampler
Danaipon Cheewasrirungraung and Kasin Vichienchom
TPM1-2-3 (1406)
Improved Differential Voltage-to-Frequency Converter for Telemetry
Teerawat Thepmanee, Amphawan Julsereewong and Thaksin Sangsuwan
TPM1-3-3 (1425)
Connectedness Analysis of Wireless Relay Placement with Regular String Topology by Ordinary Generating Function
Teerapol Silawan, Jatuporn Chinrungrueng and Chaodit Aswakul
TPM1-4-3 (1365)
Performance Comparison of an Asymmetrical Parameter Type Two-Phase Induction Motor Supplied with Balanced and Unbalanced Phase Voltages
W. Piyarat, P. Hothongkham and V. Kinnares
TPM1-5-3 (1012)
Bifurcation Diagram with Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP) for Ferroresonance Analysis
Preecha Sakarung
TPM1-6-3 (1429)
Improving the Performance of a Parallel Data Mining Algorithm using Communication Message Scheduling
Nunnapus Benjamas and Putchong Uthayopas
TPM1-7-3 (1149)
Temporal Variability of the ECoG Signal During Epileptic Seizures
Suparerk Janjarasjitt and Kenneth A. Loparo
TPM1-8-3 (1130)
A Design Method for Modified Smith Predictive Control System to Attenuate Periodic Disturbances
Kou Yamada, Nghia Thi Mai, Takaaki Hagiwara, Iwanori Murakami and Tatsuya Hoshikawa
14:00 - 14:20
TPM1-1-4 (1314)
Parallel LFSR Reseeding for Mixed-mode BIST
P. Kongtim and T. Reungpeerakul
TPM1-2-4 (1255)
A Current-mode CCCII-based Analog Multiplier/Divider
W. Petchakit, W. Kiranon, P. Wardkien and S. Petchakit
TPM1-3-4 (1306)
Neuro-Fuzzy (NF) based Relay Selection and Resource Allocation for Cooperative Networks
M. Shamim Kaiser, M. Hasanain Chaudary, Raza Ali Shah and Kazi M. Ahmed
TPM1-4-4 (1399)
Speed Closed-Loop Drive System of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Low-Count QEP
Sittichai Munggonrit, Mongkol Konghirun and Kanokvate Tungpimolrut
TPM1-5-4 (1053)
A Computer Software for Insulation Co-Ordination According to IEC 60071-2
Sakon Sangkakool and Komson Petcharaks
TPM1-6-4 (1434)
Adaptive Resource Allocation for Back-end Mashup Applications on a Heterogeneous Private Cloud
Waheed Iqbal, Matthew N. Dailey, Imran Ali, Paul Janecek and David Carrera
TPM1-7-4 (1163)
A New Bivariate Model with Log-normal Density Prior for Local Variance Estimation in AWGN
Pichid Kittisuwan, Thitiporn Chanwimaluang, Sanparith Marukatat and Widhyakorn Asdornwised
TPM1-8-4 (1333)
Regression Function and Back-propagation through Time Training Method for Wind Turbine Neural Network Pitch-Controller
Anant Oonsivilai and Kenedy A. Greyson
14:20 - 14:40
TPM1-1-5 (1251)
A Regulated Supply Tunning Voltage-Controlled Oscillator with Built-In Test and Calibration
Wimol San-Um and Tachibana Masayoshi
TPM1-2-5 (1183)
A Four-Quadrant Multiplier Based on CCII+s
W. Narksarp, P. Pawarangkoon, S. Buakaew, W. Kiranon, and P. Wardkein
TPM1-3-5 (1360)
A Neural Network based Optimization for Wireless Sensor Node Position Estimation in Industrial Environments
Kittikhun Thongpull, Nattha Jindapetch and Wiklom Teerapakajorndet
TPM1-4-5 (1498)
Simple Speed Control of an Asymmetrical Type Two-Phase Induction Motor Drive
Wekin Piyarat, P. Hothongkham, C. Charumit and V. Kinnares
TPM1-5-5 (1453)
Safety Design Planning of Ground Grid for Outdoor Substations in MEA’s Power Distribution System
A. Phayomhom, S. Sirisumrannukul, T. Kasirawat and A. Puttarach

TPM1-7-5 (1192)
Prediction of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Occurrence with Wavelet-based Markers
M. Panusittikorn, N.Uchaipichat, C. Tantibundhit and A. Buakamsri
TPM1-8-5 (1395)
Proximity Motion Control of Satellite Cluster using Impulsive Thrust
Manop Aorpimai and Chonrat Tatiyaworanant
14:40 - 14:50Coffee Break
14:50 - 16:30Parallel Sessions
Digital and Mixed Signal Circuits II
Analog Circuits III
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies III
Power Engineering and Power Systems I
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation III
Software Engineering
Medical Signal Processing & Medical Imaging II
Robotics and Automation
Varakorn Kasemsuwan
Ajay Kumar Singh
Poompat Saengudomlert
Yuttana Kumsuwan
Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
Lachana Ramingwong
Pornchai Phukpattaranont
Itthisek Nilkhamhang
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
Chiang Mai Room 4
Chiang Mai Room 5
Board Room 2
Board Room 3
Board Room 4
14:50 - 15:10
TPM2-1-1 (1135)
A Comparative Analysis of Behavioral Simulation for Third-Order Cascaded Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma Modulator with Interstage Feedback Paths
Sarayut Amornwongpeeti, Mongkol Ekpanyapong and Chumnarn Punyasai
TPM2-2-1 (1122)
Integrated Signal Processing Circuits for Silicon Microphones
Kritsada Borisuttirattana, Chumnarn Punyasai, Lertsak Lekawat, and Nitin V. Afzulpurkar
TPM2-3-1 (1050)
Performance Evaluation Scheme of Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio Transmission
Thawatchai Sereewattanapong and Sathaporn Promwong
TPM2-4-1 (1048)
Optimal Power Flow by using Bees Algorithm
S.Anantasate, C.Chokpanyasuwan and P. Bhasaputra
TPM2-5-1 (1157)
Effects of System Configuration on Switching Overvoltage and Insulation Strength of High Voltage Equipment
Thanapong Suwanasri, Somchai Homklinkaew and Cattareeya Suwanasri
TPM2-6-1 (1221)
Assuring Integrity and Confidentiality for Pseudonymized Health Data
Bernhard Riedl and Veronika Grascher
TPM2-7-1 (1253)
Small-Size Computed Tomography System with Rotating Gantry
V. Jantanayingyong, T.Chanwimalueang, N. Srisuk and C. Pintavirooj
TPM2-8-1 (1034)
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Localization by Dead-reckoning/GPS sensor fusion
Veerachai Malyavej and Peerapong Torteeka
15:10 - 15:30
TPM2-1-2 (1199)
Worst-Case Timing Analysis in UDSM Era
Ji Yeon An, Taehoon Kim, Hyung Gyun Yang, and Young Hwan Kim
TPM2-2-2 (1069)
A Proposed 10-T Full Adder Cell for Low Power Consumption
Ajay Kumar Singh, C.M.R. Prabhu, Khaldon M. Almadhagi, Saeed F. Farea and Khaled Shaban
TPM2-3-2 (1154)
Dynamic Subcarrier Allocation with Transmit Diversity for OFDMA-Based Wireless Multicast Transmissions
Natasha Shrestha, Poompat Saengudomlert and Yusheng Ji
TPM2-4-2 (1142)
Biogeography-Based Optimization for Solution of Optimal Power Flow Problem
Aniruddha Bhattacharya and Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay
TPM2-5-2 (1198)
Multi-Step Back-to-Back Capacitor Bank Switching in a 115 kV Substation
Thanapong Suwanasri, Sarawut Wattanawongpitak and Cattareeya Suwanasri
TPM2-6-2 (1236)
Detecting Deadlock and Multiple Termination in BPMN Model Using Process Automata
Nasi Tantitharanukul and Prompong Sugunnasil
TPM2-7-2 (1277)
A Real-time Eye-tracking Method using Time-varying Gradient Orientation Patterns
Wattanit Hotrakool, Prarinya Siritanawan and Toshiaki Kondo
TPM2-8-2 (1113)
High-speed nanorobot position control inside a scanning electron microscope
Daniel Jasper, Claas Diederichs, Christoph Edeler and Sergej Fatikow
15:30 - 15:50
TPM2-1-3 (1132)
A Compatibility SHA Series Design Based on FPGA
Jianhua He, Hu Chen and Huaqiang Huang
TPM2-2-3 (1464)
A Low Voltage, Low Power, Wide Gain-Range VGA Design Using gm/ID Method
Laksono Widyo Isworo, Hiroshi Ochi and Cosy Muto
TPM2-3-3 (1212)
Enhancing PAPR reduction for Tone Reservation Algorithms by Deep Clipping
Satana Suppitux, Soonthorn Tangkachavana, Thipvadee Vinichhayakul and Prapun Suksompong
TPM2-4-3 (1160)
Power Loss Minimization Using Optimal Power Flow Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
U. Leeton, D. Uthitsunthorn, U. Kwannetr, N. Sinsuphun and T. Kulworawanichpong
TPM2-5-3 (1364)
High voltage SF6 Circuit Breaker Modeling for Capacitor Bank Controlled Switching Simulation
Yotaka Chompusri, Srawut Kleesuwan, Noppadol Charbkaew and Teratam Bunyagul
TPM2-6-3 (1503)
Characteristic Sets for Learning k-Acceptable Languages
A. Jitpattanakul and A. Surarerks
TPM2-7-3 (1283)
Fractal Dimension Based Electroencephalogram Analysis of Drowsiness Patterns
Suchada Tantisatirapong, Wongwit Senavongse and Montri Phothisonothai
TPM2-8-3 (1323)
A Robust Adaptive Algorithm for Bilateral Control System without Force sensor
Suangsamorn Nurung and Itthisek Nilkhamhang
15:50 - 16:10

TPM2-2-4 (1396)
A Fully Electronically Controllable Current-mode Derivative PWM Signal Generator Employing MO-CTTAs
Jongcharoen Kumbun, Phamorn Silapan and Montree Siripruchyanun
TPM2-3-4 (1477)
Performance Analysis of Rice-Lognormal Channel Model for Spectrum Sensing
Haroon Rasheed, Farah Haroon and Nandana Rajatheva
TPM2-4-4 (1474)
Optimal Power Flow Problem Solved by Using Distributed Sobol Particle Swarm optimization
P. Wannakarna, S. Khamsawangb, S. Pothiya b and S. Jiriwibhakornb
(Moved to FAM1-4-6)
TPM2-7-4 (1287)
Improving the Accuracy of a Fall Detection Algorithm Using Free Fall Characteristics
P. Jantaraprim, P. Phukpattaranont, C. Limsakul and B. Wongkittisuksa
TPM2-8-4 (1347)
Adaptive Inverse Dynamics Control For Triple Rotary Joint Mainipulator
Jadesada Maneeratanaporn, Pakpoom Patompak, Siripong Varongkriengkrai, Itthisek Nilkhamhang and Kanokvate Tungpimolrut
16:10 - 16:30

TPM2-2-5 (1138)
Commercially Available ICs-Based DDCC Practical Implementation
Montri Somdunyakanok and Montree Kumngern
TPM2-3-5 (1215)
Performance Analysis of MIMO Based Multi-User Cooperation Diversity System using Hybrid FDMA-TDMA Technique
Zuhaib Ashfaq Khan, Imran Khan and Nandana Rajatheva
TPM2-4-5 (1295)
Improving Transmission Line Loss by Using Interline Power Flow Controllers
S. Jangjit, P. Kumkratug and P. Laohachai

TPM2-7-5 (1350)
Automatic Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Measurement
Chanjira Sinthanayothin
TPM2-8-5 (1356)
Autonomous Path Tracking and Disturbance Force Rejection of UAV Using Fuzzy Based Auto-Tuning PID Controller
Theerasak Sangyam, Pined Laohapiengsak, Wonlop Chongcharoen, and Itthisek Nilkhamhang
16:30 - 16:40Coffee Break
16:40 - 18:40Parallel Sessions
Sensing and Sensor Networks
RF and Wireless Circuits
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies IV
Power Engineering and Power Systems II
Power Delivery
General Computer & Information Technology
Image Processing
Robust and Repetitive Control
Nattapong Swangmuang
Nipapon Siripon
Anan Phonphoem
Parnjit Damrongkulkamjorn
Seyed Hossein Hosseini
Juggapong Natwichai
Karn Patanukhom
Boonsri Kaewkham-ai
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
Chiang Mai Room 4
Chiang Mai Room 5
Board Room 2
Board Room 3
Board Room 4
16:40 - 17:00
TPM3-1-1 (1143)
Portable Artificial Nose System for Assessing Air Quality in Swine Buildings
Panida Lorwongtragool, Chatchawal Wongchoosuk and Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
TPM3-2-1 (1027)
A Performance Comparison of Energy Conservation between Idle Mode and Power down Mode for Microcontroller in Wireless Mobile Node
T. Krongtripop
TPM3-3-1 (1375)
Real-time monitoring of GPS-tracking tractor based on ZigBee multi-hop mesh network
N. Watthanawisuth, N. Tongrod, T. Kerdcharoen and A.Tuantranont
TPM3-4-1 (1417)
Analysis of Electricity Supply Worth on Generation System Reliability
Yod Nitikitpaiboon, Raksanai Nidhiritdhikrai and Bundhit Eua-arporn
TPM3-5-1 (1292)
Examination of Iterative Two-End Fault Location Algorithm Performance Using Field Measurements from Digital Fault Recorders
Yossawin Bureetan and Naebboon Hoonchareon
TPM3-6-1 (1245)
An Activity Profile Model and Dynamic-Matching Results for Social Networks Regarding Wellness Applications
Raymond Greenlaw
TPM3-7-1 (1009)
Improved Performance of Image Watermarking by Removing Luminance Bias in YCbCr Channel
N. Mettripun, K. Surachat, R. Lhawchaiyapurk and T. Amornraksahor
TAM3-8-1 (1068)
Robust Attitude Control of Low Earth Orbit Small Satellite Subject to Actuator Saturation
Peerawat Artitthang, Veerachai Malyavej and Manop Aorpimai
17:00 - 17:20
TPM3-1-2 (1276)
Optical Electronic Nose Based on Porphyrin and Phthalocyanine thin films
Sumana Kladsomboon, Sirapat Pratontep and Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
TPM3-2-2 (1233)
A Broadband Low Noise Amplifier with +-0.09dB Noise Flatness Using Active Input Matching
Che-Cheng Liu, Mei-Fen Chou, Che-Sheng Chen, Wen-An Tsou and Kuei-Ann Wen
TPM3-3-2 (1354)
Increase a Standalone GPS Positioning Accuracy by Using Proximity Sensors
S. Khoomboon and T. Kasetkasem
TPM3-4-2 (1269)
Transmission Cost Allocation for Mixed Pool and Bilateral Markets
Warit Anthong and Kulyos Audomvongseree
TPM3-5-2 (1296)
Fault Classification for Thailand’s Transmission Lines Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Panat Sawatpipat and Thavatchai Tayjasanant
TPM3-6-2 (1217)
Path Level Traffic Grooming Strategies for Multi-Objective Design in WDM Networks
Pakorn Leesutthipornchai, Chalermpol Charnsripinyo and Naruemon Wattanapongsakorn
TPM3-7-2 (1216)
Performance Evaluation of L1, L2 and SL0 on Compressive Sensing based on Stochastic Estimation Technique
Pham Hong Ha and Vorapoj Patanavijit
TAM3-8-2 (1129)
The parameterization of all stabilizing multi-period repetitive controllers for multiple-input/multiple-output plants with the specified input-output frequency characteristic
Kou Yamada, Nobuaki Nakazawa, Tatsuya Sakanushi, Shun Yamamoto and Nhan Luong Thanh Nguyen
17:20 - 17:40
TPM3-1-3 (1328)
Development of Wireless Electronic Nose for Environment Quality Classification
T. Pogfay, N.Watthanawisuth, W.Pimpao, A.Wisitsoraat, S.Mongpraneet, T.Lomas, M.Sangworasil and A.Tuantranont
TPM3-2-3 (1411)
Development of a GaN HEMT Class-AB Power Amplifier for an Envelope Tracking System at 2.45 GHz
P. Suebsombut, O. Koch and S. Chalermwisutkul
TPM3-3-3 (1352)
Comparison of UWB Fingerprinting with Vertical and Horizontal Polarizations for Indoor Localization
Jirapat Sangthong, Sathaporn Promwong and Pichaya Supanakoon
TPM3-4-3 (1353)
Solving various types of economic dispatch problem using Bees algorithm
S. Tiacharoen, S.potiya and P. Polratanasuk
TPM3-5-3 (1079)
Power Quality Improvement Using a New Structure of Fault Current Limiter
Seyed Hossein Hosseini, M. Tarafdar Hagh, M. Jafari, S. B. Naderi, S. Gassemzadeh
TPM3-6-3 (1310)
Enhanced FPGA-based architecture for regular expression matching in NIDS
Le Hoang Long, Tran Trung Hieu, Vu Tan Tai, Nguyen Hoa Hung, Tran Ngoc Thinh and Dinh Duc Anh Vu
TPM3-7-3 (1254)
Image Restoration Based on a Pair of Noisy and Motion Blurred Images
Karn Patanukhom
TAM3-8-3 (1131)
A design method for simple multi-period repetitive controllers for multiple-input/multiple-output plants
Tatsuya Sakanushi, Kou Yamada, Yoshinori Ando, Tuan Manh Nguyen and Shun Matsuura
17:40 - 18:00
TPM3-1-4 (1305)
Electronic Tongue Based on Modified Carbon Nanotube Electrochemical Sensor Array
Weerayut Srichaisiriwech, Anurat Wisitsoaat, Ditsayut Phokharatkul, Chanpen Karuwan, Adisorn Tuantranont and Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
TPM3-2-4 (1432)
2.45 GHz GaN HEMT Class-AB RF Power Amplifier Design for Wireless Communication Systems
G. Monprasert, P. Suebsombut, T. Pongthavornkamol and S. Chalermwisutkul
TPM3-3-4 (1386)
Framework for Network Selection Transparency on Vehicular Networks
Inthawadee Chantaksinopas, Phoemphun Oothongsap and Akara Prayote
TPM3-4-4 (1407)
Multiobjective Bees Algorithm with clustering technique for Environmental/Economic Dispatch
N. Leeprechanon and P. Polratanasuk
TPM3-5-4 (1016)
Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Power Quality Problem Classification
Jonglak Pahasa and Issarachai Ngamroo
TPM3-6-4 (1488)
Proximity Neighbor Selection using IP Prefix Matching in Kademlia-based Distributed Hash Table
Chayanon Sub-r-pa and Chotipat Pornavalai
TPM3-7-4 (1304)
A binarization technique using local edge information
Sanparith Marukatat, Sarin Watcharabutsarakham and Wasin Sinthupinyo
TAM3-8-4 (1164)
Input-Output Stability of Lur'e Systems with Inputs Satisfying Bounding Conditions on Magnitude and Slope
Van Sy Mai, Suchin Arunsawatwong and Eyad H. Abed
18:00 - 18:20
TPM3-1-5 (1363)
Design and Simulation of Flow Cell Chamber for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor Array
Kata Jaruwongrungsee, Thitima Maturos, Pornpimol Sritongkum, Anurat Wisitsora-at, Chuchart Pintavirooj, Manas Sangworasil and Adisorn Tuantranont
TPM3-2-5 (1439)
Design of 140-170 MHz Class E Power Amplifier with Parallel Circuit on GaN-HEMT
Ekkaphol Khansalee, Nutdechatorn Puangngernmak and Suramate Chalermwisutkul
TPM3-3-5 (1280)
DECA: Density-Aware Reliable Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Nawut Na Nakorn and Kultida Rojviboonchai
TPM3-4-5 (1374)
Security-Constrained Unit Commitment using Mixed-Integer Programming with Benders Decomposition
Nalan Laothumyingyong and Parnjit Damrongkulkamjorn
TPM3-5-5 (1044)
A Study on the Wind as a Potential of Renewable Energy Sources in Malaysia
M.B. Farriz, A.N Azmi, N.A.M Said, A. Ahmad, K.A.Baharin
TPM3-6-5 (1023)
Optimizing Portfolio of SET stocks using Convex Quadratic Programming
Neeranat Chuenchomphu, Chayanuch Nopparat, and Gun Srijuntongsiri
TPM3-7-5 (1467)
New Spatial Error Concealment with Texture Modeling and Adaptive Directional Recovery
Prateep Nangam, Wuttipong Kumwilaisak and Saowalak Keawkumnerd
TAM3-8-5 (1427)
Performance Analysis of Lur'e Systems with Time Delay Using Linear Matrix Inequalities
Thapana Nampradit and David Banjerdpongchai
18:20 - 18:40

TPM3-2-6 (1326)
Wireless Wearable Pulse Oximeter for Health Monitoring Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
N. Watthanawisuth, T. Lomas, A. Wisitsoraat and A. Tuantranont
TPM3-3-6 (1509)
The Vertical Handoff between GSM and Zigbee Networks for Vehicular Communication
Sakmongkon Chumkamon, Peranitti Tuvaphanthaphiphat and Phongsak Keeratiwintakorn

TAM1-5-3 (1105)
The Study of Ageing of EPDM Insulation under Industrial Dust with Ozone
Apisit Chaisaengsukkul, Vijit Kinnares and Norasage Pattanadech
TPM3-6-6 (1249)
Microwave Ablation with Cap-Choke Antenna: Result in Computer Simulation
M. Chaichanyut
TPM3-7-6 (1512)
3D Missing Point Estimation using Fuzzy Support Vector Regression
Sirinnared Winaipanich, Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul and Nipon Theera-Umpon
TAM3-8-6 (1091)
Less Conservative Delay-Dependent Robust Stability Criteria for Linear Time-Delay Systems
Fatemeh Eghbal SarabiE and Hamid Reza Momeni
18:40 - 21:00Banquet
Grand Hall

Friday May 21, 2010
08:00 - 14:00Registration
Lobby of the Convention Centre
08:10 - 10:10Parallel Session
Filters and Data Conversion Circuits I
Advanced Technologies (MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices) I
Wireless/Mobile Communications & Technologies V
Power Engineering and Power Systems III
Power Electronics I
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence I
Video Processing
Networks Design, Network Protocols and Network Management
Sermsak Uatrongjit
Chel-Jong Cho
Jason Gao
Peerapol Jirapong
Kei Eguchi
Hideyuki Sawada
Karn Patanukhom
Anan Phonphoem
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
Chiang Mai Room 4
Chiang Mai Room 5
Board Room 2
Board Room 3
Board Room 4
08:10 - 08:30
FAM1-1-1 (1137)
Single-Input Multiple-Output Universal Filter Using Translinear Current Conveyors
Montree Kumngern and Phichet Moungnoul
FAM1-2-1 (1171)
Low Power Magnetotransistor
Panyakorn Sottip, Toempong Phetchakul, Chana Leepattarapongpan, Naritchapan Penpondee, Putapon Pengpad, Arckom Srihapat, Charndet Hruanun and Amporn Poyai
FAM1-3-1 (1307)
Improvement of the Tracking Accuracy Through the Use of the Support Vector Machine
D. Meetit and T. Kasetkasem
FAM1-4-1 (1058)
Indexes of Area Operation Centers (AOC) Optimal Allocation in Power Network
Seyed Siavash Karimi Madahi, Saeid Amir Araghi, Farzad Razavi and Ali Asghar Ghadimi
FAM1-5-1 (1136)
Z-Source Grid-Connected Inverter for Solving the photovoltaic cell Shading problem
Anucha Pattanaphol, Surin Khomfoi and Prapart Paisuwanna
FAM1-6-1 (1315)
An Improvement of Iris-Blob Map Approach for Iris Identification
Ungkarn Jarujareet and Nongluk Covavisaruch
FAM1-7-1 (1060)
Video Enhancement Using A Robust Iterative SRR Based On A Geman&McClure Stochastic Estimation With A General Observation Model
Vorapoj Patanavijit
FAM1-8-1 (1065)
Mobile IPv6 without Home Agent
Cui Bo,Robert Elz and Sinchai Kamolphiwong
08:30 - 08:50
FAM1-1-2 (1139)
Voltage-Mode Universal Filter with Three-Input Single-Output Using DDCCs
Montree Kumngern and Somyot Junnapiya
FAM1-2-2 (1182)
Effect of Substrate Position on the Formation of ZnO Nanostructures Synthesized by Thermal Evaporation of ZnO-CNTs Mixture
S. Pitayapiboonpong, S. Kanjanachuchai, D. Phokharatkul, A. Tuantranont and A. Wisitsoraat
FAM1-3-2 (1463)
Adaptive Clustering in MANETs Using Graph Theoretical Algorithms
Wandee Wongsason, Chaiyod Pirak and Rudolf Mathar
FAM1-4-2 (1126)
Optimal Placement of PMUs in Power Systems Using Heuristic Algorithms and Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming Methods
K.Mazlumi, H. Vahedi and S. M. Ezzati
FAM1-5-2 (1162)
A Vector Control of a Grid-Connected 3L-NPC-VSC with DFIG Drives
W. Srirattanawichaikul, Y. Kumsuwan, S. Premrudeepreechacharn and B. Wu
FAM1-6-2 (1243)
A Simple Shape-Based Approach to Hand Gesture Recognition
Amornched Jinda-apiraksa, Warong Pongstiensak and Toshiaki Kondo
FAM1-7-2 (1134)
Adaptive Background Modeling from an Image Sequence by Using K-Means Clustering
Theekapun Charoenpong, Ajaree Supasuteekul and Chaiwat Nuthong
FAM1-8-2 (1094)
A Heuristic Approach for Bandwidth Constraint Path Selection in MPLS Based Networks
Ranju Pant and Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn
08:50 - 09:10
FAM1-1-3 (1140)
Electronically Tunable Voltage-Mode Universal Filter Using Simple CMOS OTAs
Montree Kumngern
FAM1-2-3 (1195)
Low Cost X-ray Lithographic Mask Based on Microsputtered Lead Film on Transparencies
A. Wisitsora-at, S. Mongpraneet, R. Phatthanakun, N.Chomnawang, V. Patthanasettakul and A. Tuantranont
FAM1-3-3 (1237)
Throughput Comparison in Cognitive Radio Networks
Jason Gao, Waqas Ahmed, Junjie Yang and Michael Faulkner
FAM1-4-3 (1150)
Multi-Objective Optimal Distributed Generation Placement Using Simulated Annealing
T. Sutthibun and P. Bhasaputra
FAM1-5-3 (1322)
Design of a Controller for DFIG-Based Wind Power Generation Using Model Predictive Control
Pisitpol Chirapongsananurak and Naebboon Hoonchareon
FAM1-6-3 (1262)
Evaluation of EMG Feature Extraction for Hand Movement Recognition Based on Euclidean Distance and Standard Deviation
A. Phinyomark, S. Hirunviriya, C. Limsakul and P. Phukpattaranont
FAM1-7-3 (1148)
Clustering Human Behaviors with Dynamic Time Warping and Hidden Markov Models for a Video Surveillance System
Kan Ouivirach and Matthew N. Dailey
FAM1-8-3 (1123)
An Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy for Control Policing Mechanism over High Speed Networks
Preecha Pangsub and Somchai Lekcharoen
09:10 - 09:30
FAM1-1-4 (1197)
High-input Impedance Voltage-mode Universal Filter Using CCCCTAs
Winai Jaikla, Abhirup Lahiri, Adisorn Kwawsibsame and Montree Siripruchyanun
FAM1-2-4 (1220)
Fabrication, Characterization and Analysis of ITO/n-Si Schottky Photodetector
Surada Ueamanapong, Itsara Srithanachai, Narin Atiwongsangthong, Putapon Pengpad, Surasak Niemcharoen, Amporn Poyai, and Somkiet Supadech

FAM1-4-4 (1421)
Determination of Optimal Location and Sizing of Distributed Generation using Ant Colony Search
Bongkoj Sookananta, Pattana Utaton and Rungson Khongsila
FAM1-5-4 (1420)
A Half-Bridge Resonant Inverter with Three-Phase PWM rectifier for Induction Heating
Vichian Hathairatsiri, Saichol Chudjuarjeen, Panithan Chakkuchan, Anawach Sangswang and Chayant koompai
FAM1-6-4 (1252)
Integration of Sound and Image Information for Active Tracking of Particular Person
Hideyuki Sawada and Atsushi Todo
FAM1-7-4 (1430)
Automatic Region of Interest Detection in Multi-View Video
Thanaphat Thummanuntawat, Wuttipong Kumwilaisak and Jatuporn Chinrungrueng
FAM1-8-4 (1271)
Performance Evaluation of NTPv4 When SPIK State Cannot Step Frequency
Yuthapong Somchit
09:30 - 09:50
FAM1-1-5 (1284)
Voltage-Mode Electronically Tunable Universal Filter Employing Single CFTA
Jamaree Sirirat, Worapong Tangsrirat and Wanlop Surakampontorn
FAM1-2-5 (1235)
Generation Lifetime Analysis of p-n Junction X-Ray Detector
Poopol Rujanapich, Amporn Poyai, Itsara Srithanachai, Putapon Pengpad, Charndet Hruanan, Suwat Sophitpan and Wisut Titiroongruang

FAM1-4-5 (1422)
Determination of Optimal location and sizing of Distributed Generation using Particle Swarm Optimization
Bongkoj Sookananta, Werasuk Kuanprab and Sutiya Hanak
FAM1-5-5 (1261)
A Two-Output High Frequency Series-Resonant Induction Heater
Pattanapong Kongsakorn and Anuwat Jangwanitlert
FAM1-6-5 (1378)
Estimation of Slag Foaming Height using Furnace Vibration Signal in the Electric Arc Furnaces
Jae Jin Jeong, Sung Jun Ban and Sang Woo Kim
FAM1-7-5 (1437)
Improving of Mean Shift Tracking Algorithm Using Adaptive Candidate Model
Matee Boonsin, Wiphada Wettayaprasit and Ladda Preechaveerakul
FAM1-8-5 (1435)
Buffer Size Estimation for Different Start Video Broadcasting
H. Ketmaneechairat, P. Oothongsap and A. Mingkhwan
09:50 - 10:10

TPM2-5-4 (1469)
Performance Study of Single Phase Reclosing Using Simplified Arc Model on the Thailand 500 kV System
K. Ngamsanroaj and S. Premrudeeprechacharn

FAM1-6-6 (1267)
High Performance Pattern Matching using Bloom-Bloomier Filter
Nguyen Duy Anh Tuan, Bui Trung Hieu and Tran Ngoc Thinh
FAM1-7-6 (1223)
A Variable Luminance-Chrominance Gain Equalizer
V. Chutchavong, S. Poungpayom, O. Sangaroon, C. Benjangkaprasert and K. Janchitrapongvej

10:10 - 10:20Coffee Break
10:20 - 12:20Parallel Sessions
Filters and Data Conversion Circuits II
Advanced Technologies (MEMS and Nano-electronic Devices) II
Modulation, Coding, and Channel Analysis I
Power Engineering and Power Systems IV
Power Electronics II
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence II
Audio, Speech and Language Processing
General Electrical Power Systems I
Boonsri Kaewkham-ai
Ukrit Mankong
Phumin Kirawanich
Thanapong Thanasaksiri
Werachet Khan-ngern
Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul
Phongphan Danphitsanuphan
Seyed Hossein Hosseini
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
Chiang Mai Room 4
Chiang Mai Room 5
Board Room 2
Board Room 3
Board Room 4
10:20 - 10:40
FAM2-1-1 (1384)
Simple RC Low Pass Filter Circuit Fabricated by Unmodified Desktop Inkjet Printer
C. Sriprachuabwong, C. Srichan, T. Lomas and A. Tuantranont
FAM2-2-1 (1239)
Design, Analysis and Fabrication of MEMS-based Silicon Microneedles for Bio-Medical Applications
M. W. Ashraf, S. Tayyaba, N. Afzulpurkar, T. Lomas, A. Tuantranont, A. Nisar, and E. L. J. Bohez
FAM2-3-1 (1037)
Lab Prototype of a List-of-2 Viterbi Decoder: A Diversity Inner Decoder for the Outer Vector Symbol Decoder
Usana Tuntoolavest and Pongpisut Noradee
FAM2-4-1 (1222)
Wide Area Robust TCSC Controller Design Considering Communication Delay Uncertainty
Mongkol Saejia and Issarachai Ngamroo
FAM2-5-1 (1205)
A Direct Drive of Multiple Multi-pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators for Wind Energy Conversion System
Phanxay Chanthavong, Surapong Suwankawin and Hirofumi Akagi
FAM2-6-1 (1193)
A Particle Swarm Optimization for High-Dimensional Function Optimization
Chukiat Worasucheep
FAM2-7-1 (1011)
Rate-Distortion Modeling of Spherical Vector Quantization Performance in Transform Excitation Audio Coding
Wisarn Patchoo and Thomas R. Fischer
FAM2-8-1 (1206)
Feasible lighting system with Light Emitting Diode(LED)
Golam Kafi Mustafa, Vashwar Tajdidur Rouf and Juni Khisha
10:40 - 11:00
FAM2-1-2 (1263)
Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter With Notch Implementation
Wichai Krongkitsiri and Prayoot Akkaraekthalin
FAM2-2-2 (1273)
Improved Effective One-Dimensional Electronic Structure of InGaAs Quantum Dot Molecules
N. Pattanemakul, N. Thongkamkoon, N.Thudsalingkarnsakul, N. Siripitakchai, S. Thainoi, S. Panyakeow and S. Kanjanachuchai
FAM2-3-2 (1158)
Design of reconfigurable random interleavers with MAP decoding for MPEG-4 image transmission system over rician block-fading channel
Srijidtra Mahapakulchai and Nukoon Phimsen
FAM2-4-2 (1032)
Power system state estimation using equivalent measurement models and rectangular coordinates
C. Rakpenthai, S. Uatrongjit, I. Ngamroo and N.R. Watson
FAM2-5-2 (1366)
Current gradient based sensorless control for switched reluctance drives with torque boosting technique
Nisai H. Fuengwarodsakul and Bundit Tanboonjit
FAM2-6-2 (1402)
FPGA-based Online-learning using Parallel Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network for ECG Signal Classification
Yutana Jewajinda, and Prabhas Chongstitvatana
FAM2-7-2 (1266)
Toward Benchmarking a General-domain Thai LVCSR System
A. Chotimongkol, K. Saykhum, N. Thatphithakkul and C. Wutiwiwatchai
FAM2-8-2 (1380)
A Data-Envelopment-Analysis Inspired Method for Reliability Target Setting
J. Klunvaree and P. Raphisak
11:00 - 11:20
FAM2-1-3 (1224)
Design and Simulation of a down-conversion CMOS mixer for UWB applications
Mostafa Jouri, Abbas Golmakani, Mohsen Yahyabadi and Hojat Khosrowjerdi
FAM2-2-3 (1288)
Carbon Nanotubes in Anodized Alumina Templates for Electrochemical Sensing
D. Phokharatkul, A. Wisitsoraat, C. Karuwan, V. Patthanasettakul and A. Tuantranont
FAM2-3-3 (1196)
Iterative Channel Estimation Using Joint Zero Padding and Nonzero Padding for TDS-OFDM Systems
Raza Ali Shah and Poompat Saengudomlert
FAM2-4-3 (1408)
Optimal Load Shedding Scheme under Contingency Condition Considering Voltage Stability Problem
Bundid Charoenphan and Kulyos Audomvongseree
FAM2-5-3 (1371)
Position Control of a Linear Variable Reluctance Motor with Magnetically Coupled Phases
Ruchao Pupadubsin, Nattapon Chayopitak, Niyom Nulek, Suebsuang Kachapornkul, Prapon Jitkreeyarn, Pakasit Somsiri and Kanokvate Tungpimolrut
FAM2-6-3 (1468)
Classifying Semantic Orientation of Domain-Dependent Words with Unknown Sentiments
Suthasinee Tangyotkhajorn, Onpapim Luchaichana and Warrapat Korkerd
FAM2-7-3 (1336)
Effective Complexity Reduction for G.729 Standard
Cheng-Yu Yeh
FAM2-8-3 (1173)
Real-Time Power Signal Processing System for Distored and Unbalanced Conditions, Part 1: Theoretical Feasibility
Thip Manmek and Chathura P. Mudannayake
11:20 - 11:40
FAM2-1-4 (1054)
An Efficient VLSI Architecture for the Rader Algorithm based DFT When the Number of Data Samples Is Prime
Xiaoyin Zhang and Nattha Jindapetch
FAM2-2-4 (1298)
Electrical properties of Bismuth Potassium Titanate-Strontium Titanate Ferroelectric Ceramics
Prapapim Phetnoi, Surasak Niemcharoen, Rangson Muanghlua, Manoon Sutapun and Naratip Vittayakorn
FAM2-3-4 (1372)
Evaluation Scheme RFID Channel in Library with Wooden and Metal Book Shelves Based on Measurement Data
Jiratchaya Pitukwerakul Pichaya Supanakoon and Sathaporn Promwong
FAM2-4-4 (1015)
GA-based Support Vector Machines for Adaptive Power System Damping Controller of SMES
Jonglak Pahasa and Issarachai Ngamroo
FAM2-5-4 (1494)
Comparison of Switching Schemes for Brushless DC Motor Drives
S.S.Bharatkar, Raju Yanamshetti, D.Chatterjee, and A.K.Ganguli
FAM2-6-4 (1401)
Robust Vehicle Detection Algorithm with Magnetic Sensor
Pisit Kanathantip, Wuttipong Kumwilaisak and Jatuporn Chinrungrueng
FAM2-7-4 (1345)
A Hybrid Diphone Speech Unit and a Speech Corpus Construction Technique for a Thai Text-to-Speech System on Mobile Devices
K. Wongpatikaseree, A. Ratikan, A. Chotimongkol, P. Chootrakool, C. Nattee, T. Theeramunkong and T. Kobayashi
FAM2-8-4 (1174)
Real-Time Power Signal Processing System for Distored and Unbalanced Conditions, Part 2: Simulations Results
Thip Manmek and Chathura P. Mudannayake
11:40 - 12:00
FAM2-1-5 (1055)
An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Discrete Wavelet Transform based on the Daubechies Architecture
Xiaoyin Zhang and Nattha Jindapetch
FAM2-2-5 (1300)
Ink-jet printed optical gas sensing layers based on metallo-phthalocyanine
Johannes Ph. Mensing, Tanom Lomas, Teerakiat Kerdcharoen, Adisorn Tuantranont
FAM2-3-5 (1207) Performance of 10 Gb/s Optical Receiver in 50-GHz DWDM Transmission over 40-km SSMF
Wanee Srisuwarat, Jirawut Akaranuchat and Duang-rudee Worasucheep
FAM2-4-5 (1351)
Implementation of a Three Phase Grid Synchronization for Doubly-fed Induction Generators in Wind Energy System
Wara Sadara and Bunlung Neammanee
FAM2-5-5 (1405)
A Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
Nattapat Praisuwanna and Surin Khomfoi
FAM2-6-5 (1214)
Intelligent Traffic Cone based on Vehicle Accident Detection and Identification Using Image Compression Analysis and RFID System
Songkran Kantawong and Tanasak Phanprasit
FAM2-7-5 (1381)
Automatic Audio Indexing Alignment for Thai Broadcast News
C. Tantibundhit, T. Jarasboonpaisan, A. Natenee, N. Thatphithakkul, K. Saykhum

12:00 - 12:20

FAM2-2-6 (1117)
Electrical and Structural Properties of Ge Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Devices with Pt/HfO2 Gate Stacks
Chel-Jong Choi, Kyu-Sang Shin, Myung-Il Jeong, and S. V. Jagadeesh Chandra

FAM2-6-6 (1062)
A software tool to explore the structure of high dimensional biomolecular data
Giulio Pavesi, Federico Zambelli, Matteo R`e and Giorgio Valentini
FAM2-7-6 (1508)
Scalp Electrical Potential Microstates for Musical Sound Perception and Cognition
W. Sittiprapaporn

12:20 - 13:10Lunch Break
13:10 - 15:10Parallel Sessions
General Circuits and Systems
Microwave & Optical Communications Technology
Modulation, Coding, and Channel Analysis II
Power Engineering and Power Systems V
Power Electronics III
Visualization and Computer Graphic
Antenna and Propagation
General Electrical Power Systems II
Ukrit Mankong
Nipapon Siripon
Chaiyod Pirak
Kazem Mazlumi
Yuttana Kumsuwan
Pruet Boonma
Supawat Supakwong
Parnjit Damrongkulkamjorn
Chiang Mai Room 1
Chiang Mai Room 2
Chiang Mai Room 3
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13:10 - 13:30
FPM1-1-1 (1445) A Novel Low Cost Magnetron Power Control for Microwave Heating Applications
K.Nuanyai, N.Puangngernmak and S.Chalermwisutkul
FPM1-2-1 (1066) Analysis of Transmission Line Resonators Using Minimax Polynomials
Chatrpol Lertsirimit and Danai Torrungrueng
FPM1-3-1 (1022) Accurate BER Analysis of Downlink DS/CDMA Multicellular Systems in Nakagami Fading
Pongsatorn Sedtheetorn
FPM1-4-1 (1159) Control of STATCOM by Using Optimal Reactive Power Flow Solutions
D. Uthitsunthorn, U. Kwannetr, N. Sinsuphun, U. Leeton and T. Kulworawanichpong
FPM1-5-1 (1244) Design, Modeling and Simulation of Point of Load Converter (niPOL)
Subhash Chander, Pramod Agarwal and Indra Gupta
FPM1-6-1 (1179) Electrical Distribution Grid Visualization using Programmable GPUs
Javier Novo Rodr?guez,Mariano Cabrero Canosa and Elena Hern?ndez Pereira
FPM1-7-1 (1061) A Wide Band Non-Symmetric Open Slot Microstrip Antenna
Tanawat Pantui
FPM1-8-1 (1090) Waste-Heat Thermoelectric Power Source for Industrial Wireless Transmitters
Teerawat Thepmanee, Prasit Julsereewong and Naruchit Taratanaphol
13:30 - 13:50
FPM1-1-2 (1319) Development of Optical Characteristic Measurement System for Optical Fiber Coupler Fabrication Using 3-Wavelength Light Simultaneously
Sira Poneprasert, Sermsak Uatrongjit, Puntada Narakorn and Ukrit Mankong
FPM1-2-2 (1095) A Novel Multi-Band Frequency Selective Surface Design and Its Application in a Compact 60-GHz Folded Dipole Array
W. L. Chang, J. Y. Luo, Yuki Kawakami and Jinfeng Lin
FPM1-3-2 (1459) Intercarrier Interference Cancellation Using Complex Conjugate Technigue for Alamouti-Coded MIMO-OFDM Systems
Aurupong Yiwleak and Chaiyod Pirak
FPM1-4-2 (1342) Instantaneous Power Control of D-STATCOM with Consideration of Power Factor Correction
K. Somsai and T. Kulworawanichpong
FPM1-5-2 (1362) A Study of EMI and Switching Loss Reductions of Unipolar and Improved Limited Unipolar Switching Circuits
Arnon Srisawang
FPM1-6-2 (1400) An Approach to the Determination of DP Triangular Surfaces with Its Quadratic Complexity
Podcharid Krungkarnchana and Natasha Dejdumrong
FPM1-7-2 (1085) Antenna Configuration Effect on EGC Diversity Performance in WLAN systems
T. Ngamjaroen, M. Uthansakul and P. Uthansakul
FPM1-8-2 (1423) High Power Density and High Efficient Wireless Energy Transfer by Resonance Coupling
H. Zenkner and W. Khan-ngern
13:50 - 14:10
FPM1-1-3 (1331) The Study of Experimental Results of Scattering Light compared to BRDF Simulation for the Measurement System Design of Particle Size on Surface of Components of Hard Disk Drive
M. Wannaprapa, N. Rungcharoen and W. Pijitrojana
FPM1-2-3 (1340) Improvement of Square Ring Resonator with Lumped Compensation Inductors
Ravee Phromloungsri, P. Arunvipas, and Mitchai Chongcheawchamnan
FPM1-3-3 (1419) MRC-MMSE Detection in DF-Cooperative Communications with Rate 2/4 Trellis Code
Settakorn Kamuang and Suvepon Sittichivapak
FPM1-4-3 (1204) TCPS Controller Design Using PSO and Chaos Algorithm to Damping the Power System Oscillations
M.Reza Safari Tirtashi, Kazem Mazlumi and Mohsen Sadeghi
FPM1-5-3 (1414) An Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Forward Converter with Current Doubler
A. Jangwanitlert and J. Songboonkaew
FPM1-6-3 (1109) Finding all intersections between planar curves
Gun Srijuntongsiri
FPM1-7-3 (1187) Analysis of Terminated Lossless Planar Multilayer Periodic EBG Structures Using an Equivalent CCITL Model
Varittha Sanphuang and Danai Torrungrueng
FPM1-8-3 (1317) Application Outage Cost To Evaluate Value of Economic for Construction 115/22 kV Substation of Electronic Industrial Customers
T. Detmote, P. Teansri, P. Bhasaputra and W. Pattaraprakorn
14:10 - 14:30
FPM1-1-4 (1475) Shot Noise Behavior of Planar Mo/n-Si/Mo Photodetector Structure in Avalanche Mode
S. Khunkhaoa, C. Umjaruan, A. Thaworn, S. Nuanloy, S. Niemcharoenb, A. Ruangphanitc, N. Phongphanchanthra and K. Sato
FPM1-2-4 (1348) Development of efficiency EM Simulation Tool for Capacitive and Inductive Obstacle Analysis
Sarun Choocadee and Somsak Akatimagool
FPM1-3-4 (1451) On the Performance of QO-STBC in Cooperative Communications with Relay Selection
Nikorn Sutthisangiam and Chaiyod Pirak
FPM1-4-4 (1203) Adaptive Fuzzy PI Controller for TCPST to Improve Power System Stability Optimized by Ant Colony Method
Reza Navabi, Heidar Ali Shayanfar and Reza Etemad
FPM1-5-4 (1075) A Cross-Coupled 3x/4x Step-Up AC-DC Converters for RFID Tags
Kei Eguchi, Sawai Pongswatd,Toshiya Watanabe, Kuniaki Fujimoto, Kitti Tirasesth and Hirofumi Sasaki
FPM1-6-4 (1240) Graph Relabeling with Stacked Labels
Pochara Patthamalai and Sanpawat Kantabutra
FPM1-7-4 (1210) Modified Laplacian-Spatial Cluster Model based UWB Uniform Linear Arrays
Khajitpan Makaratat

14:30 - 14:50

FPM1-2-6 (1313) Demonstration of Visible Light Communications Using RGB LEDs in an Indoor Environment
Natasha Shrestha, Muhammad Sohail and Charusluk Viphavakit

FPM1-4-5 (1010) State Space Analysis of Power System Stability Enhancement with Used the STATCOM
M. Mahdavian and G. Shahgholian
FPM1-5-5 (1073) Design of a Switched-Capacitor-Based Serial DC-DC Converter Using Clean Energy Power Supplies
Kei Eguchi, Sawai Pongswatd,Tatsuya Sugimura, Teerawat Thepmanee, Kitti Tirasesth and Hirofumi Sasaki

FPM1-7-5 (1493) Electromagnetic Wave Scattering on 2D PEC Cylinders Using Complex Source Point Techniques and Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
T. Lertwiriyaprapa, K. Phaebua, C. Phongcharoenpanich and M. Krairiksh

14:50 - 15:10

FPM1-7-6 (1334) The Significance of Vector Sensor Positioning on the Array's Ultimate Detection Capability
Supawat Supakwong

15:10 - 15:20Closing Remark

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